Warren County Drug Trends

The Warren County Drug Task Force is primarily dealing with four major drug categories. The first one and probably the most extensive is that of marijuana. Marijuana is shipped and/or transported by motor vehicle into Southwest Ohio on a regular basis. Marijuana is also grown in our area, both indoors and outdoors. A portion of the marijuana sold in our area comes from states that have passed legislation for medical marijuana.

We have seen a decline in the number of outdoor grow operations, and a large spike in those that now grow indoors. Those growing the illegal drug indoors have the luxury of a 365 day growing season, they can regulate temperature, moisture and soil content, or hydroponically, without soil. This type of marijuana is very high in THC and demands a very high street value, as much as $5,000 per pound.

The use and abuse of pharmaceutical drugs although nothing new, continues to be a large problem in Warren County and Southwest Ohio. The Warren County Drug Task Force has one detective devoted solely to pursuing those who violate the law involving prescription drugs. This includes doctor shoppers, forged and altered prescriptions, and the pursuit of health professionals that violate criminal statutes. Hydrocodone, oxycodone, and alprazolam continue to lead the list of abused pharmaceuticals, with street values commonly being $1 per milligram.

Undoubtedly the drug of most concern currently is heroin. Heroin is transported from Mexico through the Southwest Border States, and into our region. Unintentional overdose deaths have risen dramatically over the past few years, and is the number one drug causing overdose deaths in the county at this time. The addition of clandestine fentanyl, also made in Mexico, can either add to the potency of the heroin, or has been seen in its pure form, which is 100 times more powerful than the pharmaceutical drug, morphine.

The drug that has come on the scene in our region over the past year or so has been crystal methamphetamine. Crystal meth, or sometimes called “ice” due to its appearance, is highly addictive like the methamphetamine made clandestinely in our area. Crystal meth however also comes from Mexico, and is either transported by motor vehicle or shipped in a variety of package carriers from the Western United States.